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Why B2B companies focus on SEO for leads

In this new age of technology, digital marketing is more important than ever when it comes to growing the presence of a business. The modern B2B buyer is using the internet to fulfil their job roles and needs. For many business it’s proven to be profitable to target prospects who are doing their research online, rather than more traditional marketing methods such as collateral, telesales and so on.

Sellers in most departments should be interested in SEO, whether it’s the head of marketing or the owner of a company themselves. Essentially, SEO improves a business’s visibility which can never be a bad thing as this will lead to more opportunities to make sales. Despite this, there are still some companies that do not focus as much as they should on improving SEO, who will be left behind as customers start to use the online platform more.

Aside from the consumer side, even the B2B industry is moving away from traditional models and transforming itself to exist on the digital platform, providing an incentive for people in all roles to embrace the digital world and focus on their SEO to grow their businesses.

Why SEO?

Fundamentally, SEO is one of the best forms of digital marketing there is, but under this comes several factors that contribute to it being so impactful as a marketing strategy. For example, a website that has been optimised to appear higher in search engine results will result in more organic traffic arriving on that site. In the world of business, organic traffic is like gold dust as these are people that arrive on the site with a purpose, rather than traffic that has been unintentionally directed there. In this way, businesses can grow by reaching out to those customers who want to be sold to, compared to those that do not.

It’s true that for most industries, competition will always be high, and though some sectors are more saturated than others, there will always be competitors to try and disrupt each other. From this, SEO provides a great benefit that will be especially attractive to those CEO’s looking to distinguish themselves in a packed sector. This is because practising good SEO helps companies make their website stand out from the crowd as they will be higher when it comes to the hierarchy of websites displayed in search engine results. There is no doubt that users are more likely to click on a website that appears fourth in search results than one that appears on the next page. This is why it is so important to use SEO as the main marketing strategy as again, appearing higher on Google will always increase business opportunities.

Go into any marketing department, and there will likely be a team focused on lead generation for the company. All businesses should be doing this already, but many might not realise that SEO can complement this marketing strategy, making the practice doubly beneficial. This is because SEO increases a business’ visibility by directing more organic traffic to the site, allowing marketing directors to learn from their customers and implement strategies based on their customer behaviour. The interrelation of SEO and lead generation is an often-unrecognised interaction that businesses should always be looking to exploit.

Moving into 2022, businesses who do not already practice SEO need to be aware of the changing landscape in virtually every industry, otherwise these companies will be in danger of being left behind.

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