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What Tools Are Best for My iGaming SEO?

While using SEO tools isn’t something that is required for businesses, those who don’t invest in some of the best options available are fighting the competition with one hand tied behind their backs. In reality, most businesses that take SEO seriously will be utilising some of the best tools on the market, so it only makes sense to take advantage of the utility they provide. Whilst the number of available SEO tools can seem overwhelming, only a few of them are worth trying out. Given this, here are some of the best SEO tools on the market, how much they cost, and what their positives and advantages are.


This is a comprehensive toolkit that contains everything a digital marketer may need to provide great strategies. With SEMrush, it is possible to view informative keyword analysis reports and the software also provides a summary of any domains that might be managed. While this is all good, there will be some that are wondering what SEMrush does differently compared to its competitors. The main reason why so many use this program is because it is one of the best for comparing performances against competitors.

SEMrush features traffic analytics, which helps to identify where a competitor’s primary sources of traffic are coming from. This information is always helpful when developing marketing strategies, as it allows executives to take this information and build a campaign around it, taking out what doesn’t work and improving on what does.


Great, all-rounded tool that has a range of features
Good for analysing competitors’ data
Informative dashboard


Often uses complex terminology that is hard to understand

Price: $119.95 each month for the pro plan, but other options are available.


SpyFu is a great tool for use for smaller businesses that are just starting their first marketing campaigns. This is because it is remarkably easy to use and it also costs less to use than some of the other more popular options. SpyFu is known as a search analytics company that trawls the internet for data which is then used to locate keywords that have been purchased using Google AdWords. In addition to this, the software also matches search results with search terms, a process that helps give users a better understanding of how they appear on Google’s SERPs.

As the name would suggest, SpyFu allows a certain level of spying on competitors – the programme can identify keywords that competitors purchase for their advertising campaigns. It does this by isolating the words and phrases that generate the most amount of web traffic. Of course, by doing this, businesses can keep one step ahead of their rivals and use the information to attract more traffic to their sites.


Large suite of features
Reasonably priced


There are some advanced tools that beginners won’t be able to use
Data overkill can be hard to sift through

Price: Plans start at $33 each month


This is software that is well known within the marketing community, and this is for good reason. It is a full SEO tool that contains everything one might need in their marketing campaigns. It was first released in 2011, which makes it one of the oldest SEO tools on the market. During this time, Ahrefs has developed a great reputation for how useful it can be. The software has the largest backlink index out of any other SEO tool – 295 billion indexed pages and over 16 trillion backlinks that are updated every 15 minutes.

With features such as a keyword explorer and advanced filters for heavy users, it is clear why Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools in the business. Its web crawler is second only to Google when it comes to pure speed and size. In addition to this, the years of experience the business has gained allows it to offer users some of the best user support out there.


Massive weblink index
Suitable for all skill levels
Powerful filtering tools


Does not come as an app
Needs better API integration

Price: Lite plan is $99 each month, though a seven-day trial can be purchased for $7

These are some of the best SEO tools that digital marketers utilise every day. While the importance of using SEO tools should be clear, those who have yet to invest in them might consider some of the explored options, though there are many more to choose from.

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