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Tips and Tricks: Paid Search in iGaming

However, with so many competitors looking to outdo one another, it is evident that the sector has become saturated with the same ideas and the same strategies. This is why it is important to think outside the box when it comes to marketing strategies in iGaming.

There are many marketing strategies that people might want to try when getting started iGaming. If the goal is to improve SEO and therefore attain more natural traffic to a website, then some may opt for a tactic such as link building. There is no doubt that link building is a tried-and-true way of improving a website’s SEO, but this is something that many other businesses will already be doing. It is far better to combine this with other tactics, such as paid search.

What is paid search?

Paid search is just another tool in a marketer’s arsenal when it comes to improving search engine rankings. Like, link building, it works by directing more traffic to arrive at the website by linking towards it, but paid search does this in a much more overt way as the as appears on the search engine result pages instead of other websites. The result of this is that more natural, direct traffic arrives as users are likely clicking on the link because they want to arrive at that site. Of course, this is useful for short-term marketing strategies as it is a great way of bringing in traffic fast.

On the other hand, paid search is among the more expensive of marketing techniques which means it is not a tactic to consider investing in the long term. Instead, this is where more structured, longer-term plans like link building strategies come into play.

Paid search in iGaming

As already aforementioned, the iGaming industry is hot and is constantly growing as more operators seek to claim a piece of it. Not every company will likely have the same manpower or funds to put into massive link building campaigns that aim to improve their search engine results. Given this, paid search is a popular technique to use in the iGaming industry as it can help provide those initial results that will provide a boost to any new website.

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches a day, and that isn’t taking other search engines into account. This means that those who use paid search as their marketing tactic will get access to high-quality traffic that are likely looking for online casinos, sportsbooks and just about anything else iGaming related.

Useful tips for paid search in iGaming

Fortunately, there are a few things that people can do so that their paid search campaigns are improved. The first is to move away from focusing on broad keywords as these are almost impossible to bid for when other massive companies are also trying to bid for those keywords. This is a simple case of economics – established companies likely have more funds than smaller outfits, which means they can afford to throw money into their paid search campaign. However, the goal is to work smarter, not harder. Those who don’t delete these popular keywords will likely see increased traffic but ultimately no conversions, making the increase in traffic irrelevant.

Using long-tail keywords is also something that could help in any paid search campaign. In iGaming though, this practice might be especially useful considering that many other operators will likely be trying to bid for the broad keywords such as casino, betting and other likewise term. By trying to get into the head of the user and use a phrase that might apply to their search, websites are likely to receive more conversions.

Any paid search campaign is only as good as the ad copy that underlies it, so it is not enough to simply write one and leave it to do its work. For best results, ad copy should be constantly tweaked as this offers the best chance of success with getting more conversions. Many have made the mistake of not monitoring and optimising their ad copy, but this almost always leads to negative results. By giving them time to run and for data to be gathered, people should be able to look at this and see what works and what doesn’t. Interpreting this data and making the relevant changes to the ad copy is the key difference between good and great marketing campaigns.

We are now in the new year, and 2022 looks set to be an interesting year for iGaming. The sector will likely only increase, and operators will need to be more creative than ever to stand out in such a competitive industry.

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