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The Most Creative Ways to Earn Backlinks

In dofollow scenarios, they also fill your glass with delicious link juice, a desirable ranking factor.
Backlinks may seem a mysterious force to digital marketing beginners. Finding the right opportunities requires a combination of art and science. 
If your backlink building strategy feels a little stale, let us provide some freshness with these five creative methods for placing backlinks in 2019.  
1.   Submit Press Releases
Are you leveraging press release sites to gain quality backlinks?
These sites distribute content to other sites around the web, many with high domain authority scores. Your press release could also be captured by news organisations and published on their highly-trafficked sites, earning you valuable backlinks along the way. 
2.   Post to Document Sharing Sites
Document sharing sites offer a clever way to earn backlinks. A huge bonus here is that you can use content you already have.
Simply convert existing blog posts into PDFs or compile into an Ebook. Upload these files to a document sharing site and let Google index them.
3.   Piggyback on Infographics
The demand for data visualisation material is skyrocketing. This is why so many articles and blog posts contain infographics. Infographics are easy to understand and make for great social media shares.
Publish infographics with your content and encourage your audience to share.
4.   Produce Killer Content
Sweat equity may be your best option at gaining evergreen backlinks. But there’s no shortcut to becoming an influencer in your niche.
Invest the time to be the most articulate subject matter expert in your area. Figure out how to create better content than your competitors. The backlink offers will come flooding in once you achieve the position of a trusted voice in the conversations surrounding.
5.   Write Case Studies
Case studies represent an exploding content type, and you’re wise to take advantage in your link building efforts. Informing customers about real-world uses and success stories is an effective way to sell, which is exactly what case studies do.
Try writing a case study or two for your business and distribute across the web. Your links may land is some very valuable places.

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