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The Importance of Content for SEO

People already know that it takes a certain amount of effort to be able to produce demonstrable results such as increased rankings and organic web traffic. While there are many other valid strategies out there, producing good content is always going to be the bread and butter of digital marketing.

Why is content important?

The importance of content for SEO cannot be underestimated, as it has been established that it is one of the most significant factors when it comes to ranking on SERPs. Search engines always look at a website’s content when indexing to ensure that they are correctly ranked for display on the SERP. It will come as no surprise that those who do not understand the importance of good content will not rank highly at all.

Of course, this will be already apparent to most SEO and outreach managers who have previously launched successful marketing campaigns. On the other hand, there is always room to improve. There will likely be teams of content marketers dedicated to providing infographics, articles, and other content in high volume, but today, this isn’t enough to distinguish a brand from the best out there. This is because many digital marketers have begun to shift to the quality over quantity approach, and it is looking increasingly more likely that quality content rules over other approaches.

Quality content

When creating articles for the purpose of SEO, it is all too easy to get caught up with only strictly following SEO guidelines. Of course, while this should always be done, an equally important factor to take into consideration is how useful the content is for those who will be viewing it. This is a notion that is mirrored by Rebekah Crinean at Zelst, who believes that content should predominately be created for audiences rather than search engines. This will add a more personal feel to the content itself while also greatly improving SEO too.

The value of a share is often under looked in favour of primarily focusing on how sites can rank on search engines. While this is also important, fresh, unique content can be just as useful to the growth of any site when it is found by interested people. This is because this kind of content is more likely to resonate with people compared to the same regurgitated content found on some sites, and it will likely be shared by those people with other industry professionals.

Changing times

Veterans of the industry will know that current best digital marketing practices haven’t always been the same as they are today. Those who work in outreach and SEO departments will also know that the algorithm of search engines such as Google are always changing, and what is relevant now may not be relevant tomorrow. This has been seen time and time again, for example, strategies such as keyword-stuffing used to be a great way to rank on SERPs, but now, those who do this can actively harm their SEO efforts.

Today, content marketers should focus on properly formatting the piece in a way that follows SEO guidelines, that’s a given. However, it has become more important than ever to consider what audiences want to see, and a good way to always practice this is by being original. Unique content will always stand out and help improve SEO as it will likely not be present anywhere else on the web.

Everyone involved in digital marketing should already be aware of the importance of SEO in digital marketing strategies, but it is also critical that those in the roles of outreach and SEO managers also stay up to date with the best content practices as this is something that will always change, making the need to stay ahead of the curve clear.


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