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The challenges behind creating suitable iGaming content

Where there are opportunities, though, there are also challenges, and for those who create and publish iGaming content, those challenges are significant. For anyone trying to create successful content, one question represents the scale of the challenge before them. How do you get people to read, share and return to your content time after time, in such a crowded marketplace?

Make it memorable

The first thing any content creator needs to do is ensure that their work sticks in the mind of people who read it. This means that it needs to be informative, but not too dry. If you’re reviewing an online casino, it might be accurate to say “the site has 2000 games, which is more than most of its competitors”, but it’s not hugely memorable. Saying something like “you’ll never play all of the 2000 games on here, but you’ll have so much fun trying that you won’t care” is a better way to say much the same thing.

Make it accurate

While it doesn’t do much for readability, you need to ensure that any information you put into a piece of content is accurate. If you’re writing for an iGaming affiliate site, you might get a lot of people to sign up by saying “This provider offers a signup bonus of 100% of your initial deposit, a free house, and a pony”. Unless it’s a very new site with a signup offer we haven’t heard of, though, it will also be a lie.

Of course, that’s an extreme example, but you have to make sure to only promise what you can deliver. If you tell someone a casino has 24/7 customer support, and they end up with a problem at 3 am your time, there’d better be someone there to handle their problem. Otherwise, you’ve broken their trust, and won’t get it back.

Make sure it ranks

To rank in Google, you need to keep SEO in mind by including relevant keywords. But here’s the tricky bit – you need to have enough important keywords in there to ensure it ranks, while also making sure it’s readable. “This casino free spins casino games progressive jackpots win free pony” is very keyword-rich. Unfortunately, it’s utterly unreadable balderdash, so you need to find a balance between keywords and quality content. There’s an art to fitting keywords into an article and keeping it readable – but it takes time and effort, and a bit of trial and error.

These are just some of the challenges involved in creating durable iGaming content – but they’re a good start for anyone who wants to try.

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