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Site Isn’t Converting? Try these 10 Killer Tips

Traffic arrives at the site, but your bank account is still running on fumes. 
Sound familiar?
It does if you’ve ever had problems with your site’s conversion rates. Fortunately, feeding your site a healthy dose of conversion rate optimisation (CRO) will turn visitors into buyers.
Put these ten awesome tips to work and watch your site become a converting machine.
1.   Mobile Responsive Design
Your site is leaving massive conversion opportunity on the table if it’s ill-formatted on tablets and smartphones.
Mobile usability and page load speed have been Google ranking factors since 2015. Non-compliant sites not only discourage conversions at this point, but they also harm SEO.
2.   Leverage Social Proof
Social proof, a term in psychology to describe the willingness of an individual to take action based on evidence of others taking the same action, is a powerful marketing technique for your site. 
Communicate social proof by publishing customer testimonials, trust badges, and third-party reviews.
3.   Use Sales Funnels
Sales funnels are the current darlings of digital marketing. This is no accident. Funnels are useful for developing trust and on-going customer relationships—important factors when your goals are repeat business or high-ticket sales. 
Funnels also guide customers through the buying journey by strategically delivering content at critical points.
4.   Have an Effective CTA
Is the CTA easy for visitors to find on the page? Does it provide clear information about next steps? Can visitors simply click to take action?
Your CTA should be prominently featured. Make sure it’s in multiple places if your site requires scrolling or swiping on mobile. 
5.   Design for Easy Navigation
There’s no excuse for poor UX in 2019. Design your site with ease-of-navigation at top of mind. Organise content so it’s intuitive to find with minimal effort. 
6.   Reduce Purchase Risks
Assure customers they’re conducting business with a trustworthy source by alleviating their apprehension upfront. Use offers such as guarantees, promptness of service, and easy return policies.
It’s worthwhile to research the risk-reduction tactics of competitors and offer even better terms to your customers.
7.   Use One-of-a-Kind Images
Chances are recycled stock photos won’t portray your product or service exactly as sold. Plus, their impersonal and do little to showcase your brand.
Instead, use professional-quality photos unique to your site.
8.   Create a Sense of Urgency
To prompt fast action from site visitors, try using a countdown timer widget on your site and include time constraints in your marketing copy. Visitors become buyers when they know an offer is only available for a limited time.
A quick caveat—use this tactic only when an offer will actually expire at a certain time. Customers will grow suspicious if the countdown timer on your landing page always starts ticking with 12:00 hours to go.
9.   Put Chatbots to Work
As AI advances by leaps and bounds, the quality of chatbots is getting quite good. Consider incorporating a chatbot on your site. They are excellent at handling common customer questions while providing 24/7 support availability.
10. ABT – Always be Testing
ABC is a famous acronym in selling that stands for “Always be closing.” Translated to running a high-converting site, this maxim becomes ABT, as in “Always be testing”.
Optimising conversions is a never-ending journey. Just when you think you’ve achieved perfection, the competition might swoop in with something better.
Frequently play around with CTAs, headlines, form positions, images, page layouts, and other conversion elements. Measure the results with analytics to track top performers.

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