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iGaming : the importance of quality over quantity link building

Being a lucrative market, this makes sense, but it can prove difficult to get established in an industry that is already seeing saturation. There is no doubt that if affiliate sites and online casinos alike want to succeed, they will need to ensure that their digital marketing is optimal – more specifically their link building. Many people overlook the importance of link building when it comes to iGaming, but the truth is that it is certainly one of the most effective ways of increasing online presence for all who are involved in iGaming.

It might be useful to first consider why link building is important for iGaming operators in particular. If one were to type in a generic search term into Google such as ‘best casinos’, they will no doubt be inundated with many affiliate sites. The reason why this happens is clear, online casinos and sportsbooks are relying on these affiliate sites through the referral process, rather than actively trying to get direct sign-ups. This costs them both money and potential exposure on the web as it is always better to have people arrive directly at a website, rather than clicking on it through a link on another. As the iGaming industry is purely a digital one, it only makes sense for these operators to focus on digital marketing techniques such as link building.

It should now be clear why link building is important in the iGaming industry. But this is not to say that marketing teams should simply aim to build as many links to their site as they can. Those who have been involved in SEO for a long time will be aware that having quality links is always preferable to having numerous low-quality links. This is because Google is a clever algorithm, and it is difficult bordering on impossible to outsmart it. The search engine can tell the difference between many links that come from sites that are not trusted, which means that a website that has fewer links, but which come from higher authority websites will rank higher in results.

Some might now be wondering how this can benefit operators using real-life examples of various iGaming markets. The truth is that link building will benefit virtually all who are involved in iGaming whether this is online casino sites or affiliates. However, those operators who are only just dipping their toes into emerging markets such as the US or Asia will find that link building can be incredibly beneficial to them. Those who have been following along with the latest gambling news will already be aware that various gambling activities are being made legal in many different states in America, presenting a great opportunity for new and existing operators to cash in. Starting to develop a great link building network this early on will only accelerate the growth of these businesses. The fact that the US gaming vertical could reach $8.4 billion by 2025 just goes to show the massive opportunity that the iGaming market in the states provides.

The same story can be found in Asia. It is one of the biggest gambling markets in the world, but this makes sense considering the size of the continent. In reality, the market is still growing, and it was estimated in 2019 that the revenue from the Asian market reached $72.2 billion. With figures like these, it is easy to see why operators might want to get involved in the Asian market, but they will be faced with challenges. For example, in places like South Korea and Malaysia, the few casinos that they have can only cater to foreigners. Of course, those who choose to tackle these challenges and succeed will set themselves up in a great position compared to those that do not. Again, link building is a good way to gain trust in those regions while advocating for legislative change.

Europe is a favourite market for gambling operators seeing as how the activity is legal in many of the countries that inhabit the continent. This offers all sorts of opportunities, although as the market is already established, it can be hard for new operators to get established. The biggest operators in the business will instead rule the European iGaming market, especially in areas where the activity is popular, such as the UK, as the industry earns more than £14 billion a year. Link building is a great way for these big companies to compete and increase their online presence but is also useful for those smaller ones who are looking at emerging markets in places like Switzerland and Poland.

There is no doubt that link building is one of the most important things to consider for affiliate sites and online casinos looking to increase their online presence, but this should always be explored with an emphasis on quality over quantity. Many markets would benefit from link building such as Asia, Europe, and the US, and those who begin making their plans early, especially within those emerging markets, will find themselves on top in the future.

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