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iGaming SEO: Opportunities and Challenges in Different Nordic Markets

This does not look likely to change anytime soon and SEOs must look at how different iGaming markets are developing in countries all over the world to see this. However, as with any business venture, there are also several challenges when looking to get involved in the industry.

Success is guaranteed for those professionals who can recognise both these factors, take advantage of the opportunities when they come, and efficiently navigate roadblocks when they rear their heads too.

In the UK, the importance of SEO has been realised by most digital marketers for some time now, though as can be expected, there are always new challenges that SEO managers and other professionals will face. Looking at the industry today, it is clear that user experience is becoming a top-ranking factor, something that previously wasn’t the case. There is also the challenge of keeping up with never-ending Google updates which can often change how a marketing campaign needs to be run. Of course, there are the general challenges too such as increased competition, but this is something that marketers have always had to deal with as the industry expands.

Link Building

Link building used to be a rather straightforward process that was easy to implement into marketing campaigns – the more links built, the better. As most will know though, this is not the case today and the strategy requires a more careful hand when it comes to improving SEO via link building. When it comes to expanding influence into other markets, it can often prove difficult to find the right contacts that will enable link building strategies. Using Norway as an example, the country’s gambling market has been monopolised by the state company Norsk Tipping. However, the desire for other products in Norway is high, leading to an opportunity for other players to disrupt the market.


Content is another important area to think about when it comes to improving SEO and it is also what can make or break link building strategies.

Opportunities are afforded to those who focus on adhering to Googles E.A.T guidelines and produce quality content. This can be seen by the fact that the most successful marketers are spending over 40% of their budgets on content strategies. Of course, the challenge here is to produce expert, authoritative, trustworthy and informative content, as Google appreciates this the most.

As there is no doubt that creating excellent content can improve SEO, this is something to take into account when moving into a market like Finland for example. Most will know that this is a relatively new market, but this means there are great opportunities for new businesses to get involved. In addition, the biggest advantage of making content is that it is versatile. Looking at a country such as Denmark, where the most popular gambling product is lottery, it is easy to craft a content marketing strategy that can use Denmark’s desire for lottery to the campaign leader’s advantage.

Search Trends

Without a doubt, search trend data is one of the most useful tools that any marketer has at their disposal. This is because it helps give an insight into what the public is thinking and doing, information which is critical when thinking of how to build campaigns. While it can prove difficult to acquire accurate data regarding search trends, there is no doubt it can prove extremely useful when navigating new markets.

Market research is one of the most important processes to consider in any market for that fact. Using Sweden as an example, the iGaming market in this country is small but is no doubt growing. In fact, last year, gambling revenue rose by 5%. For those who are just entering this market, it will be critically important to understand the search data behind this rise as there is no doubt an opportunity to be exploited here.

There is no doubt that there are always need challenges arising in iGaming, and these will vary by market. However, those who can overcome these challenges will also be able to take advantage of the opportunities that exist in different markets too.

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