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iGaming Search Trends – How Different Products are Searched Differently

We don’t need to keep mentioning the global pandemic that is affecting everybody at present, especially as we wrote an article only recently on the impact of Covid-19 on the gambling industry in search. As such, we’re going to turn our attentions to different iGaming propositions, and how various products within the industry are treated by consumers, including the way that they’re searched.
We help a number of companies with their iGaming link building, and work across the aforementioned online gaming products. Each product is different, entices a different type of consumer, is marketed differently – and as such, the link building strategy should be tailored and unique to the specific product.
iGaming Search Data
So, just what is the data showing us? You can see the search behaviour over the last 12 months, for 4 specific iGaming products and search terms, in the United Kingdom:
  • Online Casino
  • Online Betting
  • Online Poker
  • Online Bingo
Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 12.44.22
Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 12.45.09
You’ll notice that searches for the term ‘Online Casino’ have mostly been higher than any other, followed by ‘Online Bingo’, ‘Online Betting’ and ‘Online Poker’.
The averages over that period are indicative of that trend too:
Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 12.47.36
The search trends for these online gambling products are such, that we can deduce the following:
  • Online Casino is typically searched, on average, to a degree of 3.5x that of Online Sports Betting.
  • Around 20% more people search for Online Casino than Online Poker, and around 75% more people search for it in comparison to Online Poker
  • Online Poker sees around double the searches than Online Betting.
How Are These Trends Changing?
Searches around sportsbook products appear to remain fairly consistent, with a small recent decline – which of course we can attribute to the postponement and cancellation of major sporting events, in light of the Coronavirus outbreak.
The same can’t be said for searches around casino, bingo and poker products – all of which appear to have been on a steady increase, even prior to the pandemic we currently face.
So what does this mean? It means that our link building in the iGaming sector needs to channel its efforts into the relevant products, where applicable. Of course, some operators only offer one product, and some gambling affiliates only send traffic for one particular product – but that’s not the case for everyone. Whether you’re an operator or an affiliate, search traffic is key to success – and just like every other industry, keyword rankings in Google, for relevant search terms, form the forefront of that battle. And we’re far better off ranking for search terms with greater demand – as we’re seeing in the online casino, bingo and poker areas.
Brand Awareness & Related Queries
Gaming operators, and indeed iGaming affiliates, are taking brand awareness evermore seriously. From the voice of Ray Winstone in bet 365’s adverts, to OLBG’s sponsorship of the Mares Hurdle at Cheltenham (up until this year), over to Better Collective (BETCO) floating on the Stockholm Stock Exchange – brand coverage, PR (both online and offline), and getting the brand in front of people is essential.
And we have some data to back that up. If we look at Google Trends, and take a look at the top related queries to ‘Online Betting’, we can see the following:
Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 13.21.46
People are searching for William Hill’s brand.
Likewise with ‘Online Bingo’ related searches:
Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 13.22.36
Specific bingo sites are being evermore searched, with branded search queries.
And the same can be said with rising related searches – those queries which are on the up, that are relative to ‘Online Betting’:
Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 13.24.13
And, again, the same for rising related searches around ‘Online Bingo’:
Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 13.25.46
The data shows us that more and more people are searching for brand related enquiries, thus showing and increasing need to get the brand in front of people online.
Adapting Our iGaming Marketing Strategy To Support The Data
Data is key in anything we can do digitally, and the online gambling sector is no different. The data is telling us a couple of key things:
  • If we are an operator or iGaming affiliate, who are looking for traffic from an array of gaming products – pick the right ones.
  • People are searching for brand related keywords.
So, how do we get our brand in front of people, to encourage them to search for our brand? Aside from the traditional media buying offerings available, link building can play its part. Here is our take on it:
As an iGaming link building agency, we’ve built tens of thousands of links for our clients in the gambling industry. But given we’re specialists in the area, and gambling industry link building is different, we’re always looking to work with our clients to ensure we’re working to the best possible strategy.
Old-school, black-hat techniques don’t work like they used to, and put the offending site at serious risk of a Google penalty – both algorithmic and manual. Gone are the days, as most people know, where we could get 10,000 forum spam links, or indeed build hundreds of links into deeper, commercial pages, with an exact match anchor text strategy. Now, we must move with the times – not just to avoid a penalty, but to do things the right way, and to ensure that we’re getting the best results we can.
There is a lot to be said about homepage links, with branded anchors – yet many seem to want to avoid this strategy, in favour of a more aggressive approach. Our response is a clear one: iGaming link building needs to be natural, and we need to ensure we’ve got the right balance of branded/non-branded anchors, exact match/phrase match/no match anchors, and homepage/deeper page landing pages.
Building links into the homepage, with branded anchors, is a great strategy when combined with a proper internal linking programme. Send the SEO equity into the homepage, and then use a proper internal linking/anchor text programme to channel that equity into the relevant commercial pages. SEO isn’t all about external links – the internal ones need to be right to. And if the two are running in tandem, both cogs of the wheel are aligned – that’s where we typically see the best results.
Back to the brand awareness topic – how does this help? It’s fairly simple – links from high traffic sites, will see more eyes on the brand within the body of the text. And furthermore, it’s a great strategy to get the site ranking, as a whole, for more commercial, non-brand terms.
As a specialist agency, providing good quality, relevant iGaming links – we pride ourselves on helping our clients with their link building strategies too. If we can help you, then get in touch today.

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