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How Retailers Can Drive Online Traffic Through SEO 2021

However statistics from all major e-com markets show us if a retailer is not already focusing on search engine optimisation (SEO), then they have already made a misstep when it comes to increasing business.

Driving online traffic to a website is almost always going to be beneficial to any entity looking to turn a profit but is especially true in the case of retailers. This is because products take centre stage over services, like what can be found with some other companies. More online traffic on that website will directly result in more products sold, hence the importance of SEO to retailers.

Today, several different marketing strategies can all help in developing a company’s profile and play a hand in increasing profit margins. However, there is a right way to go about this. The marketing strategy must be carefully cultivated, to attract the most suitable audience possible. It is no use driving traffic to a website when most of that user presence does not transfer to sales. A car salesman would prefer not to sell to a motorcycle lover in the same way retailers are not interested in those who do not want to buy their products.

Essentially, the best way traffic is natural; a massive increase in users is not as beneficial as a smaller increase of the right audience.

It will come as good news that there are many ways retailers might increase online traffic. The digital marketing industry is always changing and, especially in 2021, there are innovative ways of carrying out SEO. The first step of the journey is carrying out keyword research. Those interested in SEO will know that having key phrases on their website that their intended audience is likely to type will result in higher rankings on search engines. By doing the relevant research, the best keywords to include on a website can be found. Finding the right keywords is important as some have better ranks than others, some have better search volume, and some have better conversion rates. All of these are vital to businesses looking to improve their SEO to drive online traffic.

Another way that retailers can improve their SEO is through content marketing. This model has steadily grown in popularity as it began to be known that it is highly effective in bringing organic customers to websites as Google appreciates unique, high-quality content. Retailers selling products on their websites are limited as those pages can only rank for a finite number of keywords. Producing content flips this idea on its head, as new words and topics can be introduced. 70% of people prefer reading articles about companies compared to seeing an advert, meaning that this marketing strategy is not only effective but beneficial to the audience it targets.

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