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Google Ads to allow sports betting ads in NY State

The search engine giant is known for its attitude to ethical marketing, and this change is another sign that sportsbook betting is now considered legitimate in a larger area of the world than before.

At the start of 2022, New York’s state legislature for the first time allowed sports bets to be placed online or using a cellphone app. This means that the way is now open for some of the biggest names in global betting to tap into a potential audience in a state that contains not just the city that never sleeps, but other cities including Buffalo, Albany and Utica. This is a big deal because not only are there cities here with lots of inhabitants, there are also a lot of big-name sports teams in the area. 

Fans of the New York Giants or Jets, Buffalo Bills, New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, the Mets, the Yankees and several more besides will now be able to bet from their home states on those teams, and given the relationship between sports betting advertising and the sports themselves, this could well mean impressive revenues for the companies providing the betting facilities.

People searching online for predictions and even odds relating to the major New York sports teams will now be greeted by results that offer them a chance to go straight to the sites where they can bet on those odds. In a sports-crazed city like New York, this will mean an increase in the traffic for the betting sites that sign up to Google Ads.

This is another step on the long path that New York state is embarking upon concerning sportsbook betting, and other moves are expected in the remainder of this year and beyond. In April, New Yorkers were affronted that they couldn’t place bets on the selection of players in the NFL Draft for this season, because the market was considered to fall outside of “sports bets”. This is expected to give rise to legislation that will allow betting on futures markets and proposition bets, diversifying the sports betting experience for bettors in the state. Presumably, that will only be the beginning of the development of New York sports betting.

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