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Countries where iGaming SEO is at its most important

For those looking to provide SEO as a whole, or intending to provide services such as backlinking, content creation and translation in the iGaming sector, it is beneficial to know where iGaming SEO is most in demand. The following are a few examples of countries where this is a hotly-contested market.


In terms of iGaming provision, Malta has become one of the most significant countries in Europe. It is known for taking a leadership role in betting regulation, and alongside the UK Gambling Commission, the Maltese Gaming Authority is one of the most reputed licensing authorities on the planet. This has led to a lot of companies in the sector, from betting firms to marketing companies specialising in iGaming, opening offices in Malta. It is, as a result, perhaps the richest vein for iGaming SEO providers to mine – not least because, although Maltese is the national language, some 88% of Maltese residents speak English comfortably.


Up until very recently, Germany has not been particularly welcoming to iGaming as a market. It is still quite tightly regulated today, but it is nonetheless the second largest market in Europe (behind the UK) for iGaming. Also, perhaps because of its tighter laws, it is an important place for iGaming SEO, as potential bettors are in need of reliable content to inform them of what is and isn’t permitted under German gaming laws, as well as to find the most reliable iGaming providers. If an iGaming SEO company has some German-speaking staff, it can certainly benefit from what is a growing market with notable growth countries such as Austria in its orbit.


The USA is one of the biggest markets in the world for most things, although iGaming was not on that list just a few years ago. Since 2018, when a Supreme Court ruling provided a green light for states to legalise and regulate sports betting and other iGaming, more than half of the states have passed their own legislation, and Stateside bettors have been making up for lost time. This has led to much of America being an opportunity-rich and information-poor environment for bettors and created a gap in the market for informative sites and blogs that need iGaming SEO. As a service that is easy to offer internationally, this SEO can come from the UK or any other Anglophone country.

As time passes and more countries liberalise their laws on betting, iGaming SEO is only going to grow as a market and spread further and wider. Getting to grips with it now is a sensible step.

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