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Colorado Betting Peaks: Using SEO for Growth

There is no doubt that the US is highly investable regarding iGaming, and the recent numbers out of Colorado is just one example of this. In January, Coloradans wagered a staggering $573.7m on sports, and the revenue for the month came to $34.6m.

Of course, operators and affiliates will look to this number and see Colorado for what it is – a promising iGaming state. Everyone knows that Colorado loves sports and this desire can be seen translated into the numbers for January. In fact, the amount that was spent during this month set a new record, and easily beat the previous record that was set last October, where the total amount wagered was $491.5m. This growth represents a 16.7% increase which is again promising to those who are looking to get involved. This is a conclusion that is easily drawn when the percentage growth (75.5%) from the preceding January is observed.

Looking into the data published by the Colorado Department of Revenue, it is clear to see how the total wager figure was constructed. As most will have expected, online wagering made up most of January’s figure with residents wagering $567.1m online. On the other hand, only $6.6m was bet at retail sportsbooks, a comparison that should prove the strength of the iGaming industry and how it is undoubtedly the future of the wider gambling industry.

Taking advantage through SEO
Colorado is one of many states that have legalised gambling activities, and reports like this one won’t be uncommon as we move further into 2022. This is also because many more states are expected to overturn previous standing gambling laws after seeing neighbouring states experience so much success with launching their respective iGaming products. Of course, those who work in the outreach and SEO departments of companies looking to get involved with this growth will be wondering how they can successfully reap the rewards of Colorado’s growing iGaming scene. Fortunately, there are several ways to do this.

There is no doubt that SEO managers and outreach managers alike will be primarily concerned with driving their respective website’s rankings on search engines and also improving how much organic traffic their websites receive. Looking at SEO, many will be aware that this is one of the most fundamental aspects of digital marketing and all successful businesses will invest heavily in this area.

To improve their website’s SEO, professionals may want to consider mastering the core aspects first, such as page loading speed. Google is one of the most advanced algorithms out there and can pick up on many different factors, page loading speed being one of them. If pages load too slow, Google will detect this and rank websites accordingly. This is because users always want a fast experience when using a website. In this fashion, page loading speed is one of the most significant aspects of the user journey to consider.

Focusing on SEO will not only allow a website to rank higher on SERPS, but it will also help websites receive more natural traffic. This is why SEO is considered one of the most transformative tools that digital marketers have at their disposal. Another area that SEO managers will want to explore is keyword research as this plays an integral part in boosting a page’s rankings. However, it is not enough to simply include the most generic keywords across different pages on the website. Using the Coloradan market as an example, there is no doubt that already-established operators who have significant funding will be able to rank for the most popular keywords, such as ‘sports betting’. Taking this into account, new entries will need to consider using long-tail keywords instead, such as ‘where is the best place to place sports bets’.

Something that many will forget is that we are now living in the age of smartphones. A decade ago, the majority of people would likely have used their computers and laptops to visit websites, but this isn’t looking to be the case today. More people are beginning to use their phone’s browsers to access websites, and given this, the importance of having a mobile-friendly website has never been higher. As Google takes into account whether a website supports mobile browsers, all who are interested in improving SEO will need to ensure that their websites are suitable to use for mobile users too.

Looking at the figures out of Colorado, it is clear that the state is ripe for investment, but this is also true with many of the other states that have legalised gambling activities. To take advantage of this growth, SEO managers and outreach managers will want to consider how they can improve the SEO of their websites to break into this market and thankfully there are many different strategies they can implement to do exactly this.

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