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7 Tips to Create Great Ads

PPC is wonderful for brand exposure and generating on-demand traffic. It’s also cost-effective by design—advertisers only pay when ads are clicked, and traffic sent through to a landing page.
To ensure your business gets the best results from your next campaign, check out these seven tips for creating dynamite PPC ads.
1.   Perform Diligent Keyword Research
Keywords are critical to the success of your PPC campaign. Use the right keywords and your ad gets in front of motivated customers at exactly the right moment. The wrong keywords can land your ads in non-converting search contexts and jeopardise spend budget.
Discovering keywords that will empower your campaign begins with research. Applications like Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush’s Keyword Magic Tool, and WordStream’s Keyword Tool provide invaluable data during the keyword research phase.
2.   Place Keywords in Headlines and Body
Put the keywords on your keyword list to work in the headline and body copy of your ad. This your chance to show how keywords fit in the context of your business.
Think about how you can describe your product or service and its benefits using keywords.
3.   Give Customers a Healthy Dose of ‘You’
Customers only care about themselves and what they stand to gain from your offer. Speak directly to them by using the second person point of view in your ad copy.
Words like ‘you’ and ‘your’ emphasise the importance of the customer reading your ad.
4.   Test Multiple Ads
Split testing is a must-do across digital marketing disciplines, and PPC ads are no different.
Optimise your budget by testing ads in small groups with conservative spend. Once winners are identified, ramp up spending on those ads and ditch the underachievers.
Here are four recommended areas of ad copy you can consider testing:
– Headline
– Body
– Link
– Keywords
5.   Provide Brand Details in Headline
We discussed using your campaign keywords in ad headlines. It’s also good practice to fit details like company name, what you do, location served, and website or CTA in this space.
This ensures your most important details are accessible to customers in a quick visual scan.
6.   Have Parity Between Ads and Landing Pages
Customers who click an ad expect to land on a resource that provides additional information directly related to that ad. 
Verify the landing pages behind your ads fully explain the offer, discuss benefits, and feature a lead capture method.
7.   Show Ads at the Best Times
Scheduling your ads to display at times of the day when your customers are most active online is an effective way to boost CTR. 
If you don’t have a good grasp on this information entering a campaign, allow ads to run 24/7 for a trial period. Review the data and adjust your ad campaigns to activate during the most advantageous times of the day. Keep in mind that CPC costs vary throughout the day.

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