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7 Core Components of a Good Email Subject Line

But don’t get fooled. Email is an old school tool with the potential to send sales through the roof when used effectively.
Of course, effective email marketing starts with the subject line. Here are seven tactics to make your next subject line the most effective you’ve ever sent.
1.   Keep it Brief and Punchy
The masters of subject line writing know how to say a lot with a little. You need to capture the reader’s interest with a clear, concise package inciting action.
Did you know over half of all email in 2019 is read on smartphones and tablets? Make your subject lines around 50 characters to ensure they display fully on mobile devices.
2.   Make an Emotional Connection
Humans are motivated to take action by what they feel. A great subject line elicits an emotional response from the reader. Are you making your readers feel happy, curious, excited, inspired, or even angry?
Emotionally strong subject lines are easy when you…
3.   Use Emotional Triggers
Think of emotional triggers as templates for sparking specific feelings with your subject lines. This is accomplished by using words and tones associated with various emotions.
Here are 3 common emotional triggers. There are many others and it’s a good idea for marketers to develop a deep arsenal:
– Self-interest: Appeal to the reader’s desires for things like wealth, power, and status.
Example: Triple your current salary today
– Urgency: Inform readers the offer is in short supply or available for a limited time.
Example: Tuesday is the final day of our sale. Act now for the best deals
– Exclusivity: Make readers feel unique or part of something special.
Example: Your diamond club savings are inside
4.   Frame the Offer
Readers may lose interest if your email strings them along for too long without clearly articulating the offer. Sometimes it’s best to lead with the offer upfront in the subject line.
The direct strategy works very well for eCommerce sites or when you have an offer that’s truly special for your business.
5.   Get Specific with Numbers
Numbers pique curiosity and establish authority, which is why numerical lists are so common in blogs posts. Numbers bring the same must-click benefits to email.
6.   Be Different
The battle for inbox attention is real. Readers scan stuffed inboxes within seconds. The subject lines that stand out are the emails that get opened.
This is your chance to be unique. Showcase your brand’s personality and tone. Don’t be afraid to be funny, clever, thought-provoking, or a little crazy with the message.
Some of the marketing copy tactics discouraged in longer content actually work well in subject lines because they’re short bursts of communication.
You can also use visual cues – emojis and symbols are two options that really make subject lines pop.
7.   Go with the Best, Toss the Rest
Your first attempt at writing a subject line probably isn’t your best work. Successful writers are constantly revising. Take the time to brainstorm ten different subject lines for the same email and pick the best one.

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